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Ways to Teach Children about the Holy Bible

By Having Fun!!!

All children are different but they all like to have fun. 

We can teach them by doing what they love to do best. 

What does your child find most interesting?

Is it singing? Coloring? Reading?

Whatever they desire, bring that out with Christ!


Kids love art!

A way to teach children about God is through art. Sometimes I print out coloring pages for my children, something pertaining to the Bible. Noah's Ark is a favorite, since children also love animals. Bring out the crayons and markers and just talk to them about why all of these animals are on this giant boat!!

Group Reading

Small Bible studies are beneficial to all members of the family. Before the day slips away, read the Bible together. Make time for a story about Jesus and what He gave us, NEW LIFE. 

The Bible has many stories that children would love to hear about.

Children love story time. read together and include a open discussion after. It gives your child a chance to be heard.  

Children Reading the Holy Bible
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